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EnCirca Email Migration Information
Posted by Grace - Encirca on 05 August 2010 10:19 AM
When the migration occurs on August 13th, you will need to update settings in your desktop email client:

New Email Server Settings

* Usernames and passwords will stay the same.
* Incoming (pop3) servers will change to: mail.yourdomain.tld
So, for example,
* Outgoing (smtp) servers will change to: mail.yourdomain.tld
* POP3 Server Port should be set to 110
* SMTP Server Port should be set to 25

Email Interface

* To access your email interface, go to
* Enter your domain name
* Your password will be encirca123 (you will be prompted to change this once you have entered the site)
* Here, you can add email addresses, aliases, etc. through the easymail setup link

Webmail Settings

* To access your webmail, go to
* Enter your existing username (name@domain.tld) and password.
* You will need to update two areas that have reverted to their generic state:
Under the Options menu, you will need to enter your autoresponder and preferences.
* All other information (contacts, signature, spam info) should be the same.
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